Jewelry Care and Repairs

PANCONESI jewellery is designed in Paris and handmade in Arezzo, Tuscany by artisans from a family-owned workshops

Care instructions

The jewellery contains precious metals and stones. Made of sterling silver 925, vermeil, or bronze dipped in palladium and gold 18k.  

Our jewelry is traditionally crafted and therefore very delicate. As a result, special care is required. Please, follow the following care instructions:

  • 1. Store your jewelry individually in the original packaging or a soft pouch to avoid damage.
    2. Polish your jewelry with a lint free cloth to maintain its original sparkling condition
    3. We suggest to always put the jewelry on last, as a finishing touch to an outfit.
    4. And don’t forget to remove your jewelry before washing your hands, swimming, or using products such as perfume, hairspray, soap, or lotion. Such products may harm the metal, cause discoloration, or cause a loss of crystal brilliance.
    5. Avoid contact that may scratch or chip the crystal.

The materials can naturally tarnish over time, if so, the silver and gold parts can be cleaned with dedicated products 

Please note that we are not responsible for problems that occurred after wearing the items without taking care of them. Check with our Policies for 


Your item got damaged and you want it anew? Don't worry, we do offer a repair service!  please contact us at 

for more informations 


  • Wrap a ribbon around the base of your finger. To make sure the ring will fit comfortably, we suggest also measuring your knuckle. 
  • Use a pen, mark the point where the ribbon crosses.
  • Measure the distance with a ruler in mm, this will be your finger's circumference.
  • Choose the closest measurement from the table below to identify your ring size.
Size Inside Circumference

50 mm

52 52 mm
54 mm
56 mm