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The “everyday” jewelry designed with simplicity and transformation in mind — each piece a miniature sculpture setting the body into motion.


Spiritually unique and diverse in emotions, Hybrid Stones live between the natural and synthetic worlds. Each stone is carefully handcrafted by Italian artisans over the course of 40 hours: a process that consists of a combination of hand-craft and alchemy, together to create a new artifact of another world.


Embodying the sculptural qualities of the constellation, crystals shine and animate the body confidently. Each piece envelops and dramatizes the body with sprays of crystals and natural pearls.


Or “LIFE VIBES” necklace —An object that carries an emotional, unique meaning to the wearer. Made with a clasp to allow the pendent to be worn in different ways.


“Alchemy” represents the process and transformation of an object or idea from one state to another. This collection begins in the Moroccan desert — isolated from the world. In the silence and stillness; elements of nature presents itself differently — colors become more intense; movement and time slowdown.