PANCONESI is born from the desire to create a new language for jewelry at the crossroads between tradition and disruption, art and fashion, heritage and the radical. 

Through the lens and lineage from Italian traditional fine jewelry making, PANCONESI approaches jewelry as cherished objects, each piece a miniature sculpture setting the body into motion. And with an archaeologist’s searching eye and sense of discovery, new myths are created from ruins: earthy hues redrawn from Nature, forgotten forms found anew in stone; colors become hyperreal aided by modern alchemy. Crystalline stories emerge, guided by ancient constellations. PANCONESI creates emotional objects: vital artifacts for our times.


Born in 1989 in Florence, Italy. Marco Panconesi was raised in a family constellation of educators and artisans, linked by a tradition of travel and exploration. This informal education sparked an early decision to pursue classical Latin and Greek studies, with the idea to become an archaeologist, a through line guiding his approach towards design. His formative upbringing in Florence, a city of ancient history and myth, but also birthplace of radical design movements and ruptures, continue to inform his aesthetic.

Graduating from Polimoda (2011) with a degree in fashion design, Panconesi began his professional journey by joining the accessories studios at Givenchy and then at Balenciaga, creating jewelry and leather goods.

Since 2016, Panconesi garnered industry recognition as an independent designer, collaborating with Mulberry, Mugler, Peter Pilotto, Fenty and GmbH.

In 2018, Panconesi established PANCONESI, his eponymous jewelry studio based in Paris.

In 2019, Panconesi was named FENDI Head Designer of jewelry, continuing a tradition of collaborative experimentation. 

In 2021, Panconesi was appointed Design Director at Swarovski under the new creative direction of Giovanna Engelbert.